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This blog collects and comments on the designs of the various editions of FUTUREPLACES.


It is an archive, but also an ongoing critical essay on the conceptual and aesthetic proposals contained in each edition of the festival/medialab. Some are a reflection of the zeitgeist, others attempt to challenge it.

All have been art directed by Heitor Alvelos, and all have been great fun to develop. Assisted at various times by Anselmo Canha, Fátima São Simão, Ricardo Lafuente, Ana Carvalho, Riot Films, Daniel Brandão, Miguel Carvalhais, Chris McConnell, Geoff Marslett, José Carneiro, Paulo Silva, Mafalda Nobre, Júlio Dolbeth, Philip Marshall, autodigest. The street photography is by Luís Barbosa.

photomontage: H.Alvelos for the 2008 proceedings.
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